XCELLENCE Series systems are microprocessor controlled versatile , compact and versatile , which allows all kinds of tests: conventional radiology , radiography, fluoroscopy and CT .

Fixed height tables XCELLENCE can perform static and dynamic procedures : skeleton , thorax , urology , digestive treatments .

The tables accept all image intensifier sizes up to 40 cm . ( 16 " ) with or without automatic seriador . The user interface facilitates the acquisition and processing of the radiographic image . 's Easy to use software , and rapid data collection process and helps to perform tests easily. Most systems can be integrated into digital series XCELLENCE .

The control console is ergonomic exherede by joysticks controllers . Applying pressure on the joysticks resulting in a proportional movement speed , this allows precise positioning of the patient.

The variable speed of the car in combination with longitudinal and transverse movements , getting a full examination of the patient. When the column reaches the end of the board table is displaced in the opposite direction, obtaining with this patient coverage of 225 cm . Incidences + / - 40 ° can be performed along the entire radiographic table . The wide range of incidence in conjunction with the movements of board allows us to do all kinds of tests with incidents without moving the patient . The longitudinal movement of the series XCELLENCE board facilitates patient access and change from stretcher. The safety and user comfort are optimized .

Rotating the X -ray tube enhances the versatility of the series XCELLENCE . In the upright position , the operator can perform tests to patients in wheelchair, stretcher or even a wall bucky .

The combination of movements XCELLENCE Series series allows specific examination procedures . Ergonomics and efficiency are the main advantages of multi-purpose systems led tv table .

The film focus distance ( DFP ) varies continuously adjustable from 110 cm . to 150 cm . for all techniques : radiography, fluoroscopy and CT .

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