According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ever y thir ty seconds a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. This figure reveals a significant increase in this disease and does not even take into account undiagnosed cases. Now we are at the top of the iceberg in increasing awareness and mobilizing the effor ts of specialists and patients alike. FEMINA ADVANCED has joined the commitment to the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer. Thanks to comprehensive market analysis, the innovation and improvement of numerous factors, such as design and technology, have yielded the possibility of more effective results which goes hand in hand with the latest advances in the world electromedical panorama. FEMINA ADVANCED relies on a specialized system for Screening and Diagnostic processes which facilitates all the essential tools that optimize the process . A functional and ergonomic design provides more comfor table patient positioning which is fur ther complimented by a rapid, user-friendly operating system that streamlines the process, alleviating the discomfor t that these types of exams can produce. Furthermore, the wide variety of accessories helps to optimize the profession, offering greater dynamics and smoothness of operation.

Why do technicians like it?
It is a functional system that adapts to t heir needs ,boasting ergonomics , usefulness and easy use .
Why do practicioners like it?
The system guarantees a more precise diagnosis with a consistent system performance which increases patient volume .
Why do patients like it?
For the comfort and security of procedures , its optimization of time minimizes the patient’s feelings of discomfort .

• LCD graphic display of 240x128 pixels
• Memory report of the last 1,300 exposures
• Statistical data:  average dose , amount of exposures for each kV value, as well as exposures in each test technique
• Selectable diagnostic functions on the LCD display to check the hardware of each circuit board ,specify the state of the system and for the ON/OFF function
• Control of generator parameters , suc has kV,mAs ,AEC and focal spots
• Static control, such as arm height and force of compression

The powerful and highly reliable 5 kW generator is equipped with 20 to 35 kV range with 0.5 kV resolution in both manual and automatic mode.
The 10 seconds security timer ensures greater ef ficiency.

• Collimation plates: 24x30 cm (9 .4 5 x 1 1 .81”) Integrated and detachable 18x24 plate (7 .0 9 x 9 .4 5”)
• Push button controls for raising and lowering the arm
• Patient protective screen
• Phantoms for calibration
• Advanced automatic light meter calibration
• Film markers
• Pedal assembly: optimizing system operating time, avoiding mobility and permitting hands -free access
• Exposure control: practical device to be used as a smooth contact
• Anti-X ray screen: lead glass to guarantee maximum user security, measur ing at half and full body protection
• Compression spades: ac hieving adjustments effectively with maximum compression with a tr iple security device: electronic , electro mechanical and
a rapid mechanical unblocking mechanism
• Perforated compression spade for two-dimension al biopsies
• Filtroman: motorized system for the radiomolybdenum filter with auto matic commutation
• Potter Bucky of 18x24 cm (7.09x9.45”) with a carbon grid*
• Potter bucky of 24x30 ( 9. 45x11. 81” )*
• Cassette adaptor of 18x24 (7.09x9.45”)*


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